Dirty aching teeth and how I got my dentist ?>

Dirty aching teeth and how I got my dentist

In search of a good cosmetic dentist. Where to begin?

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When we talk about going to the dentist, it’s not all the time about the cavities or some tooth infected. How your teeth look is also important and this is how cosmetic dentistry appeared. But, cosmetic dentistry is not all that related to science as it is connected to art as it takes some skills, patience and good sense of aesthetics to get the best results. All of this leaves from knowing dental anatomy and dental materials that your dentist use.

The cosmetic dentist needs also to make himself understood by a laboratory technician- the one responsible with the creation of a smile makeover.

Cosmetic dentistry is not yet recognized as a specialty within dental profession but it’s a shame. It takes years of intensive study and constant training to get the abilities of transforming teeth at the highest standards, but Profismile in Bacau got my tooth work right every time. Their Facebook. And Youtube channel.

The man behind the new tooth

The cosmetic dentist is a restorative dentist that has studied for some time the principle of smile design and the dental materials that he needs to work with. Typically, cosmetic dentist is part of a professional organization as they study constantly and get from time to time new degrees to confirm their cosmetic dentistry performances.

Cosmetic or restorative?

At a superficial level, the differences between cosmetic and restorative dentistry are too few to mention. They both use implants, crowns and so on. What matters most is that they have different goals and the level of expertise is, therefore, different.

A cosmetic dentist doesn’t just restore someone’s teeth for a proper function, but it also trying to get the best results, accordingly to the patient’s beauty standards. This requires a high level of finesse and extra attention to the smallest details.

What is a cosmetic consultation all about?

It’s very likely that your dentist to ask you to describe in detail what bothers you about your smile, to be very specific about the changes that you want.

It’s a good thing to also give your dentist some photos of you in the past or about how you’d like to smile in the future.

Even though a discolored tooth might seem just an aesthetic problem to you, it could also hide a more significant health problem so your cosmetic dentist also has to give you an extended oral exam. He needs to get a full picture of your dental problems before getting to the cosmetic issued.

At the end of this first session, your dentist could give you details about the plans he/she has for your teeth/smile, from a dentistry point of view.

Which are the cosmetic treatments anyway?

Anything related to make your teeth look better is considered to be cosmetic. Some treatments refer only to restoring, whereas others also improve the health of your teeth just as well.

One of the most affordable cosmetic treatments is teeth whitening, that makes your teeth brighter. Of course, you can do it also at home but you get better and longer lasting results when going to a professional.

The cosmetic dentist is also able to attach composite resin to your tooth in order to make it stronger if chipped. This is composite bonding and needs only a little drilling on your tooth.

Once the cosmetic dentist gets some help from porcelain, there are so many things he can use to make your teeth look prettier. He can use porcelain crowns, porcelain bridgework, porcelain& composite veneers that all do the same thing in the end: make your smile nicer! It’s also the case of inlays and onlays, made of porcelain or composite materials for the perfect match to the color of your teeth.

No missing tooth will ruin your smile as the dentist may use dental implants to replace it. Clear orthodontic aligners straighten the teeth for many adults also and a minor gum surgery may give a more leveled appearance.

And if none of the above works for you, your dentist might simply do some tooth contouring and reshaping for the best look of your teeth.

How to pick your cosmetic dentist?

It’s wise to get some info about your dentist and to actually some of his/hers work before you settle with him.

A good cosmetic dentist has before-and-after photos to show you and to offer you references from other patients.

Last, but not least, a good cosmetic dentist is always busy as he/she always gets to education courses to stay connected to the latest procedures/materials from the clinical cosmetic dentistry.