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How I Fixed My Garage Door By Myself ?>

How I Fixed My Garage Door By Myself

An Overview Of Installing And Repairing Garage Doors Would you like to replace an existing garage door that you have right now, one that is not functioning properly? These are essential components to any household, especially if they are part of an attached garage. It is possible that both mechanical and electrical aspects of the garage door may be malfunctioning. Here are some ideas on what might be wrong, and also ways of resolving these issues including finding a local…

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Food Exploration 101 ?>

Food Exploration 101

Whenever I’m in between adventures and I want to re-create some of those same feelings of exploration and inquisitiveness, but on a much cheaper scale, I turn to what I like to call “food exploration”. When your in an exotic country browsing local markets seeing…smelling…and tasting…the local delicacies is one of the highlights of the travel experience. But what if your not in an exotic locale? It doesn’t matter.  God forbiding any rebel toothache, you can explore foreign foods domestically…

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Man Vs. Wild: Survival Training ?>

Man Vs. Wild: Survival Training

Nothing says manly like making fire, eating grubs, and learning how to survive the harsh mistress that is nature.  And that is exactly what I did this past weekend at the Southeast School of Survival with instructor Jim Greene.  I figured as outdoorsy as I am I had better learn some skills to stay alive if say a zombie outbreak happens, a giant 2012 movie-esk asteroid wipes out half the population, or I just get totally lost following a pretty…

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